Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Politicians These Days

LOL! I would love to meet this young interviewist who was clearly not beating around the bush when asking Huppenthal some serious questions. I actually did some research on this video and found that the Huppenthal campaign explained that this video was a 'sham' and a 'Democratic tactic' used to portray Huppenthal in a negative nature. However, this claim was only released after the video appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on June 16th. Whether or not this video was edited, Huppenthal is obviously put on the spot and is not sure how to react to this teen. All to often politicans become scripted actors who forget how to answer questions the general public would ask. They also become twisted in lies and like to back-track on issues in order to save their ass (or a couples votes)-as seen in this video. This reminds me of when I attended a Detroit Economic Club meeting (AP Gov) and decided to be brave and ask the Big 4 a question of mine-This particular mtg was held at the Auto Show so there was extra publicity. I went up to the mic and directed my question to Republican Oakland County Executive, L. Brooks Patterson, "What do you plan to do in order to keep funding within our school district, so that we don't continue to lose teachers and other vital elements?" But, apparently my question was not directed at the right person because he answered that he is not responsible of funding and does not have any control over what happens.. Hm...I should have asked Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, "Do you plan on having jobs available for students who graduate from an in-state college?"-A more relevant question I'd like to know the answer to, considering I start applying to colleges in one month. Also, as I was leaving the Auto Show a reporter interviewed the four students from my school, and asked me if I planned on keeping business in Michigan and if I'd attend an in-state collge. I answered, "Yes, of course."


  1. Thats actually really funny. Its sad he has no defense on this.
    This makes me want to meet the teen who interviewed him

  2. Ik! Lol. He looked like such a dummy


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