Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home to Home

Eminem recently made it back to the music scene with latest album "Recovery," and his pop hit "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. I had always been a die-hard Eminem fan so when I heard he was coming back to Detroit for a concert I knew I had to be there. He collabed with other rap star Jay-Z to perform a concert of a life time for both their home towns. They were in Detroit Sep 2 and 3rd at Tiger Stadium (Comerica Park) and will be at Yankee Stadium Sep 13 and 14. I was at Friday night's show and could truly feel how special the night was and what history was being made. There was around 45,000 people in attendance including Lady Gaga and Beyonce (HAPPY BDAY) who were said to be in the crowd! The night began with singer B.O.B who performed all his hits. Jay-Z came on next with an 80 minute show and "wowed" the crowd from the start. People around us said that him only would have been concert of the year. He did melodies in tribute to Biggie Smalls, Michael Jackson, Proof, and Tupac. Everyone went crazy when he performed "Empire State of Mind", and "Hard Knock Life". He was also accomponied by rapper Young Jeezy. Eminem came out a little later and began with hits off Recovery but also did many of his old songs. 50 Cent came out next but probably the loudest roars came when famous producer Dr. Dre performed. D-12 was also out for a while and did hit, "My Band" with Eminem. At the end Eminem came back out for an encore with "Not Afraid". The night was truly epic and the concert of a life time. It also did wonders for Detroit as it brought in tourism all the way from Virginia. Detroit busses were busy for the first time I've seen and restaurants had lines out the door. I'm glad Eminem choose to put on this show for his hometown and I'm sure the New York show will be just as amazing. (All pics I took)