Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Although I do not know much about the sports I'm about to mention, events happened today that are worth acknowledging. Today, USA played Algeria in a very intense elimination game of the World Cup in South Africa. USA has never been a favorite in the World Cup, however today may change that. 45 seconds into a four minute overtime period, American player Landon Donavon (now a Twitter TT) scored the winning goal, ending 1-0. The game was action-packed from start to finish and boost Team USA to round two. Note, USA was not even supposed to win one game, let alone qualify for another round."These guys never give up and they showed that again today. I was worried because we could have gone away empty-handed, but my players decided otherwise and never stopped believing," Bob Bradley, USA coach. How nice. The second sports headline happened at Wimbledon 2010, and players John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. The match began on Tuesday and is still not finished: something unheard of in the tennis world. The current score is 59-all, which lasted exactly 10 hours.That means they have played 118 games and are still tied! This is four hours longer than the previous record and a winner has still not come out on top. Isner recorded 98 aces and Mahut 95-Both far surpassing previous records. (An ace is when you serve the ball and the opponent cannot return it-they can reach 130 mph!) Last year, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick played 77 games with Federer coming out on top 16-14. When it reached 59-all, exhausted Mahut said simply, "I think we need to stop now." The match will continue tomorrow. Good work!; But I already feel pain for the player who must lose after playing for over 10 hours.


  1. The US might surprise following the group stage. We're playing Ghana, and I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but...there's superior talent over here. Fingers crossed!

    Very nice blog, I'll definitely be reading this one.

  2. Very true!! I'll be watching. But thank youu, i'm glad =D


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