Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer In the City

We all know that Detroit is an amazing city hidden within the destruction and dillapidated buildings. The people of Detroit are truely people of character and are never brought down despite the continuous drawbacks. Summer in the City is a non-profit organization designed to make community service fun and fulfilling for the volunteers while making a real impact on Detroit communities. Activities include youth enrichment with elementary school students, planting gardens, painting murals, and building parks.  You must  be 14 years old and HAVE to register here first! Volunteers meet up at 9 a.m at one of the six high school locations before being driven downtown by the designated drivers. You are driven back to these locations at aprox 3 p.m. At the end of the summer they will mail you your total hours=)  SITC runs Tuesday through Friday and ends August 13.

"Since 2002, 3,800 Summer in the City volunteers have contributed over 80,000 hours of service to projects that help make Detroit a safe, beautiful and sustainable place for everyone."


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