Friday, July 30, 2010


     I know i'm late on this but rumors are surrounding singer, Wycef Jean, and his possible run for Presidency of his hometown country of Haiti. Jean was born in Haiti and probably the most visible contributor to the Haiti relief fund. He was also a tremendous supporter of his country years before the 2009 earthquake. Jean also established the Yele Haiti Foundation in 2005. He has until August 7th to announce his candidacy! I think he would make a great President if he can truely commit all his time and energy. Although, it is clear that Haiti has remained a high priority throughout his life. Elections are Novemeber 28th. Wishing him the best.      
      Shirley Sherrod, as mentioned in a previous post, still remains a headline topic. Just recently she decided to file suit against conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart. Speaking Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention she exclaimed, "I have not recieved an apology from Breitbart and no longer want one." She also announced that she would be suing him for the video he posted of her on his blog, where he portrayed her as racist towards Whites. Will she win in court? What is the precedent she is basing the suit on? There are countless questions swarming her decision. I personally think she has every right to sue him, and hope she wins. However the biggest question may be whether it was his freedom of speech to post the video in any form, edited or not. He is a "journalist" after all. Her stance is that he published the video with "actual malice" and targeted her specifically; leading to her ultimately being fired from her job. I do not believe her lawsuit is specifically attempting to dismiss the First Amendement, as Breitbart is using to his defense. We'll see what happens within the upcoming weeks.
      (Sorry I haven't posted lately I've been in DC, and no wifi >:[ )


  1. You write so well! Haha I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to stuff like this though...

  2. Thank youu. Aw I doubt itt! Most kids don't find it very interesting lol but I hope I taught you something=)

  3. all support to wyclef. it is very uplifting to see teenagers who are concerned. our world i so messed up, but its up to us to fix it.
    peace and love,

  4. I Learned something cool today thanxx to Anna lol

  5. some thing i didnt know
    love the blog could you follow me,,
    will follow 100% bk.

  6. I'm not too sure how I feel about this one... It's hard to take him seriously when all I can think about is him screaming on the "We are the World" remake... And I would rather not think about that.


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