Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This past Saturday was the first-ever K!dult Youth Leadership Conference located in NYC. Kidult.com is a website designed for teens(Kidults) and is focused around news and entertainment. "Pharrell and I started Kidult.com so that fearless young minds could become informed, and inform the world about their radical plans," says Mimi, Co-founder and Kidult Editor-in-Chief. Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg goes on to say, "Today's youth will be innovators in the arts, business, and government, and by participating in this event you are ensuring a brighter future for us all." The theme of this years conference was "Feed Your Curiosity," and I can truely say I was inspired by all the speakers, mentors, and topics. Speakers ranged from Felix Sanion, Founder and CEO of Mundial Sports Network, to "Diggy" Simmons of MTV's Run's House.  Some pictures-
First Panel: Turning Your Ideas into Moneymakers
Second Panel: How to Change the World in 90 Days
Think Big: Practical Advice from Pharrell Williams
Who Are You...Really?
Dr. Steve Perry, Founder of Capitol Preparatory Magnet School, Best selling author of "Man Up", Education Contributor on CNN

I also really related to Lynne D Johnson, SVP, Social Media for the Advertising Research Foundation, Karen Nethersole, CEO of Full Circle New York, Tammy Tibbetts, creater of She's the First, and Pamela Newkirk, professor of journalism and NYU. All of the speakers at the conference had truely compelling backgrounds and inspirational messages. I hope to continue to be a part of the K!dult community and also attend the conference again next year. Pharrell said it best when he said, "You are not the 'future', you are today." We have to take action now to see changes tomorrow. We cannot wait for others to stand up for our beliefs. The future begins with today.


  1. Wow....so, what goes into attending this conference? Like, do you have to apply and get accepted, payment, etc...

  2. It was surprisingly easy..You don't have to apply or anything, the registration was on the website and was only $25. It was totally worth it but what cost the most was getting there lol

  3. Haha yeah, I wouldn't have to go all THAT far but the problem is I can't get there by myself, haha. But was there a limited amount of space in terms of how many kids? What was the median age, do you think?

  4. Haha very truee. Nope they were expecting around 500 kids but there wasn't a limit. Not a lot of people knew about it so I'd say way fewer came. You had to be 14-21 to attend but most kids were in high school so I'd say the average was 17ish.

  5. thanks for the shout-out, Anna! Was so wonderful to meet you!

  6. Nice post. And I owe you some feedback on your questions about blogging.

  7. Haha nice picture of me big chillin on stage


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