Monday, June 28, 2010

Gun Control

The Second Amendment of the Constitution protects a right to keep and bear arms. Just today, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that "the right to keep and bear arms" applies to cities and states; in turn reversing a Chicago law banning handguns. The decision was split along politicial lines; the Liberals voting against this decision while the Conservatives led by Samuel Alito voted for it. Two years ago in Washington D.C the SC protected an individual's right to carry guns for self-defense purposes. However, D.C is a federal city and not a state. The decision today clarifies that the 2nd Amendment extends nationwide. Debate about gun control has never been more inflamed. Critics from the Right exclaim, "It's about time the current rules catch back up to the historical rules as applied by our Founding Fathers," while the Left describes, "today’s conservatives argue that states have the right to discriminate against their citizens on the bias of race but states have no rights to restrict the control of guns." In my opinion, too many people that shouldn't have access to guns, possess guns. Guns kill people. Guns kill children. More guns does not equal less crime. So many American citizens need to return to a 9th grade civics class to understand that the Constitution does not GIVE you any rights. It merely lets you know what you're rights are; and in this case the 2nd Amendment allows the states to keep to keep a national guard (militia). I am deeply sadened that the Supreme Court has made this decision today.

States with the Five HIGHEST Per Capita Gun Death Rates
Louisiana--Rank: 1; Household Gun Ownership: 45.6 percent; Gun Death Rate: 19.58 per 100,000.
Alabama--Rank: 2; Household Gun Ownership: 57.2 percent; Gun Death Rate: 16.99 per 100,000.
Alaska--Rank: 3 (tie); Household Gun Ownership: 60.6 percent; Gun Death Rate: 16.38 per 100,000.
Mississippi--Rank: 3 (tie); Household Gun Ownership: 54.3 percent; Gun Death Rate: 16.38 per 100,000.
Nevada--Rank: 5; Household Gun Ownership: 31.5 percent; Gun Death Rate: 16.25 per 100,000.

States with the Five LOWEST Per Capita Gun Death Rates
Hawaii--Rank: 50; Household Gun Ownership: 9.7 percent; Gun Death Rate: 2.58 per 100,000.
Massachusetts--Rank: 49; Household Gun Ownership: 12.8 percent; Gun Death Rate: 3.28 per 100,000.
Rhode Island--Rank: 48; Household Gun Ownership: 13.3 percent; Gun Death Rate: 4.43 per 100,000.
Connecticut--Rank: 47; Household Gun Ownership: 16.2 percent; Gun Death Rate: 4.95 per 100,000.
New York--Rank: 46; Household Gun Ownership: 18.1 percent; Gun Death Rate: 5.20 per 100,000.


  1. Omg nice blog. we need more young people fighting for a good cause lol. im folowing!!

  2. I believe that you have a constitutional right to say whatever you please - even if it's ignorant. But you argue that the second amendment is not a right? Just to clarify, the Bill of Rights does not GIVE people any rights it asserts that the rights stated predate the constitution and are human rights. As for the statistics given I urge your readers to pick up a copy of Dr. John Lott Jr.'s More Guns: Less Crime. This recommendations has no bearing on the fact that you blatantly deny my rights while exercising yours - only to provide a common sense, statistical argument for guns - without the silly notion that the Bill of Rights somehow guarantees those rights.

  3. Also, I assume that you aren't actually from Detroit proper as I have lived there for 6 years. Barring citizens from owning guns or making it more difficult for the poor or minorities to own guns makes your environment less safe from violent crime. That is why the majority of the United States has recently passed non-discretionary concealed handgun laws and has not in a single case argued to revoke them. I like that you're 16 years old and speak in a public forum politically and agree with your right to do so but I strongly urge you to take a new and unbiased look at this issue.


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