Friday, June 25, 2010

Detroit's Finest

     As I was searching CNN mobile I was not surprised when I came across an article about former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The court room is looking like his new favorite place. Just this Wednesday Kwame was indicted on 19 counts of federal fraud and tax charges-what a guy! According to U.S District Court spokesman Rod Hanson, the charges includes 10 counts of mail fraud, 3 counts of wire fraud, 5 counts of filing a false tax return and 1 count of tax evasion. To add to the number game: if convicted each fraud count would entail a max sentence of 20 years behind bars and a fine of $250,000. The others would carry a max of 5 years and a fine of the same amount. The charges are spurred after Kilpatrick used funds from his Kilpatrick Civic Fund towards private yoga lessons, golf lessons, and mayor campaign expenses. He claimed the money was for community services and voter registration information…Could have fooled me. Most Michiganders know he is currently serving 5 years in prison (14 months) for violating probation in a 2008 case; but now he might get some real jail time. Once I had put a Facebook status saying to “Keep Kwame in jail”, and several people from my school commented, “leave him alone,” or “he didn’t do anything wrong.” Really? I was a little surprised that my peers were so quick to come to his defense when he has so obviously stole from the people of the Detroit while showing little remorse. This just proves that people are poorly informed about issues, even concerning the capital city of our state. I think it’s time to for me to bring out a shirt I bought in Birmingham, which has Kwame’s face behind bars (earring included), and reads SAVE DETROIT. But shout out to Mayor Bing for taking on the challenge to restore our city to its former glory.

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